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I started Marco Home Care in 2005 after I  watched a couple of houses as a favor for friends who only lived here for 3 or 4 months a year. I was amazed at how many times I had to add water to the pools because the water level was almost below the skimmer, this should have been done by the pool service. I also found broken sprinkler heads that were not replaced and lawns dying from lack of water. I figured if my friends where having problems with their homes while they were away then other people must be having similar problems with their property.

Since that time I have found so many things can go wrong when a house is vacant. I have seen an ac unit freeze up and run nonstop blowing hot air all day long or the thermostat fail and the AC blowing cold air 24hrs a day resulting in a hugh electric bill. I have seen pipe leaks underground before the shut off resulting in extremly high water bills. In the rainy season I have seen roof leaks so bad I needed to move furniture and bring in barrels to catch the water.  A broken window on a golf course home.  And if you do not turn the water off going to the house you risk broken lines to the washing machine, ice maker, toilets, dishwasher, etc.


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